Demo 2012

by East Beast

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Demo recorded by Ryan Stack at Format Audio.


released January 19, 2012



all rights reserved


East Beast Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Burn
I will do whatever the fuck I want.
I do not give a fuck, fuck you
This is not a game
You're a fucking mark, my fucking aim
I am the Beast and I am untamed
You all will die, ain't shit changed
You will burn in flames, your mind is lost
You're not the same, tremble to the cross
I have the power to devour the human race
Death is my ace
Fuck with me, you'll fucking see
Every fucking bone will break in your body
Fuck being nice, nigga I'm naughty
The flame in my eye, burns everybody
Track Name: Deceased Feast
Death to all who don't agree with the beast
I will fuck your soul, rape your mind, infest your life with demons
Feast on the deceased
Beg for mercy when you're skinned from your bloody chapped lips to your fucking finger tips
I will stomp your head in, let you soak in your insides
Keep the demons fed, your lifeless corpse is covered in flies
I love death and I want every living creature to die
Maggots eat your fucking brains while the sky turns black
Death attacks while demons grab your back
Violently biting, rip the flesh clean off your bones
Never in your worthless life have you ever felt so alone
Track Name: King of the Jungle
Obey, bow down
Your bones have made my death crown
East Beast, I'm not fucking around
Ruler of the east, I own these streets
Under my feet, you will fucking sleep
Florida to Maine, New York to Boston
Welcome to my world, death is awesome
I'm on the hunt, I'm alert
I love to see humanity hurt
I rule all, You will get merked
Man will fall, man forgot about the jungle
Now man will crawl
I'm the king of the jungle
Fuck everything
Death is the medicine
Track Name: My Third Eye
Run for your fucking life
I fucking grab you, in panic, your instinct is to fight
Your soul is soaked in fear
You're going no where
I rip your fucking tongue out
Pry your fucking eyes out
By my hatred, you are hypnotized
In a death trip trance
You never had a chance
One glance into my third eye
You will see yourself die
Death will dance
Complete blackness is in sight
Nothing's left, nothing's right
Not a single life, lives tonight
This is raw life, no one will survive
My third eye's the sun,killing everyone
You're all dying in this black abyss
Fucking realize, you're gonna die
Illusion of death
My third eye